The Port of Duqm, as a multipurpose Port, accommodates a wide range of commercial cargo handling, including:

• Dry bulk cargo
• Liquid bulk cargo
• General cargo
• Project cargo
• Bagged cargo
• Containerized cargo
• Automotive cargo (RORO)

Duqm Port, as a Terminal Operator, manages the Multipurpose, Dry Bulk and Navy Terminal by offering a diverse range of services including

• Stevedoring
• Shore handling
• Storage and stock keeping
• Stockpiling
• Stuffing and destuffing of containers
• Management of reefer containers

The Port of Duqm currently operates from a 2.2-kilometer-long commercial quay, enjoying a guaranteed 18 meters deep draft alongside and 19 meters along the approach channel.

The Port of Duqm has dedicated an area of approximately 10 hectares, over 300 meters of length at its commercial quay, for the Dry Bulk Terminal operations, which primarily focuses on the exports of industrial minerals such as limestone and dolomite and the import of industrial salt and oil and gas related dry bulk cargoes.

The Sultanate of Oman has vast deposits of metallic and non-metallic minerals. Previous surface exploration work and geological mapping have confirmed huge quantities of mineral deposits located in the wider vicinity of the port. Minerals such as limestone, dolomite, silica sand, shale, kaolin, laterite, basalt, solar salt and ornamental stone deposits have been discovered. In the immediate vicinity of the port, mines of high-quality limestone and dolomite have started their operations, which are targeting both local industries and export markets.


Limestone is one of the most versatile minerals found on Earth. While it finds its most voluminous use in the cement and steel industries, virtually everything surrounding us has limestone in it – it finds application in the manufacturing of paper towels, ceramic tiles and ceramic ware, glass windows panes and glass bottles, and plastics. It also finds application in the food industry such as in manufacturing sugar. The fact that high-grade limestone is available in Duqm in such abundance, presents an opportunity to export limestone from Duqm and also warrants setting up a limestone cluster within Duqm, producing various intermediate products such as quick lime, hydrated lime, activated calcium carbonate (ACC) and Precipitated calcium carbonate (PCC). Such developments can support further a wide array of downstream industries, producing finished products such as paper, ceramics and glass. Limestone from Duqm is currently being exported in bulk to India, where there is massive demand for high-grade limestone from its cement and steel industry. Export volumes are expected to rise significantly as several new quarries are being planned. Port of Duqm’s deep draft of 18m is designed to support bulk shipments in large vessels.


Over 90% of dolomite produced, particularly the grade with low silica content, is consumed by the iron and steel industry where it is used as a flux and a refractory material. Besides, dolomite is also used in ferrous alloys, recovery of magnesia and making magnesium metal. Dolomite with low iron content is used for glass manufacturing and it is also used as filler material in paints and varnishes.  It is also used as a fertilizer as it conditions the soil to make it acid neutral.

Dolomite is currently being exported via Port of Duqm to nearby markets and presents an excellent growth opportunity. As with limestone, high-grade dolomite finds large demand in the thriving Indian market, where the steel demand, as per estimates, is expected to triple to 300 Mtpa over the decade.

Current Capacity

The Port of Duqm started the dry bulk terminal operations in February 2016 and gradually has built up volumes ever since. Currently, several parcels of dolomite and limestone are being shipped every month to overseas markets like India and Qatar.

In terms of equipment at the Port of Duqm, ships are loaded using Ship’s Gear, however, the Terminal can also assist with on-shore crane capacity as follows:

Terminal Shore Cranes 2 x 125 MT (SWL)
Terminal Grabs 2 x 12 CBM

The current terminal capacity is about 5 Million tonnes per year and the port is equipped with Terminal wheel loaders to facilitate cargo receiving, stockpiling and loading operations.

The Port of Duqm has dedicated an area of approximately 10 hectares, over 300 meters for the Navy Terminal, which offers a wide range of services.

The Port of Duqm acting as a single focal point for all Navy shipboard support services while offering innovative, flexible logistical services to all ships that docks in port. The services offered include:

  • 24/7, 365 days of operational attendance
  • Berthing and anchorage arrangements
  • Pilotage towage
  • Line handling arrangements
  • Fresh and potable water supply
  • Gangways supply
  • Internet (Wi-Fi Zone)
  • Garbage removal/disposal
  • Special refuses removal/disposal
  • Hazardous and medical waste disposal
  • Sewage removal/disposal
  • Oily waste removal/disposal
  • Repairs and inspection
  • Diving and underwater survey
  • Crew medical assistance
  • Bunkering arrangements
  • Material handling equipment
  • Liberty services
  • Camp setup and management infrastructural construction
  • Containerized units refrigerated conex boxes
  • Shelters
  • Office and other furniture
  • Washdown services
  • Rental of generator units

The Port of Duqm has the clear ambition to become a major hub for handling containers, making full utilization of its major assets, such as its prime location towards inland and overseas markets, the 18 meters guaranteed draft, the expansive land and quay length availability and its current and future intermodal capabilities to reach local, regional and international markets in the most cost-efficient way.

The Port of Duqm has envisaged a key role in its container terminal activities in the coming years. With its strategic location in the Arabian Sea and located close to the busy East-West shipping lane, it intends, to be a busy Gateway container port for the anticipated growth in the cargo volumes required for the various Industrial projects and Construction activities that are underway in Duqm. The Government of Oman has laid special emphasis on the all-round development of Duqm in terms of Infrastructure, Industrial and Economic activities and the Port of Duqm would be central to this whole plan.

The potential of Port of Duqm as a transhipment hub

The Port’s geographical proximity to the Indian Sub-Continent, Persian Gulf, Red Sea and East African regions has huge potential prospects for Port of Duqm to act as a major transshipment hub to serve the huge markets of this region. With a guaranteed deep draft of 18 meters that can accommodate mega-ships of up to 20,000teu capacity, Port of Duqm offers key ingredients for a regional transshipment hub that could serve the needs of a major liner or terminal operator. Full-fledged container operations have begun from a dedicated 34ha yard and 1130m quay, increasing the capacity of the terminal from the current 200,000 TEU towards 1.7 Million TEU. Further expansions if required will be carried out in the Phase 2 port area if and when the market requires it. The procurement of the required terminal equipment, such as Quay Gantry Cranes, Terminal Tractors and Rubber Tired Gantry cranes is currently at a tendering stage, details will be updated in due course.

Currently, the container operations are carried out at the multipurpose terminal area.

The loading and unloading operations are carried out by the two mobile harbour cranes which have a joint capacity of CA 30 moves per hour. Apart from the cranes, the port is equipped with the following;

  • Manual container spreader
  • Automatic container spreader
  • Spreader bridge
  • Reach stackers
  • Reefer Plugs

Refrigerated container exports from Duqm

Port of Duqm is located in the Al Wusta region of Central Oman which is home to a diverse variety of marine and fishery resources. 70% of Oman’s fishery’s exports originate from the Duqm area. A modern Fishery harbour is coming up near the Port and will be functional by the end of 2021 which is expected to result in substantial export turnover of frozen fish products to worldwide countries in Refrigerated containers. To facilitate the enhanced export volumes of the fishing industry, the Port of Duqm has set up a modern Reefer infrastructure with the installation of over 600Reefer Plugs.

Port of Duqm is already linked to all major seaports within the region, including Salalah and Sohar in Oman and Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi in UAE, via a multipurpose feeder service (Oman Express Service) which is operated by the Oman Shipping Company. This service currently operates every week. This weekly feeder service allows industries in the wider Duqm area to import/export containers regularly. Other regional ports covered through the feeder service are Hamad (Qatar), Kuwait, Bahrain, Umm Qasr (Iraq) and Sharjah.

Major shipping lines, such as Maersk, MSC, CMA CGM, Hapag Llyod, COSCO and HMM have started serving Duqm as the end destination and can move all containerized cargo to and from Duqm, utilizing Oman Shipping’s Express service regionally and globally.

The Port of Duqm has built up a vast experience in the handling of project and breakbulk cargo at its multipurpose terminal ever since the start of its operations in 2012 and has built up a strong brand as a reliable partner accordingly.

Backed up by the Port of Antwerp expertise, the Port of Duqm Handling Services is based on the core principles of material handling techniques and equipment. The port’s excellent accessibility, state-of-the-art infrastructure, value-added activities and highly skilled workforce ensures all types of project and breakbulk cargo at the Port of Duqm are handled reliably and carefully. The port ensures tailor-made handling solutions depending on customers’ requirements and a quick turnaround time.

The following type of cargo are being handled at the multipurpose terminal:

Steel Plates:

OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) and Line Pipes:

OCTG pipes and line pipes are handled with great care using innovative technologies and equipment. Regular training courses are conducted for the entire operational team in the handling of pipes resulting in continuous safe handling, no damage and no accidents, lower costs and no downtime.

Over dimensional & Heavy Lift Project Cargo:

The Port of Duqm has built up a very strong expertise in the handling of over-dimensional cargo & heavy lifts. Because the Port nor its hinterland is imposing any restrictions in the handling and transporting of such demanding cargo, the Port of Duqm has become the centre of excellence for heavy lift operations in the Sultanate.


The Port of Duqm started container operations in 2016 and utilizes its multipurpose terminal yard and equipment (2 mobile harbour cranes and reach stackers) for all container handling in this early stage of operations. This will be the situation till fully fledged terminal operations start when the entire commercial quay will be commissioned, expected before the end of 2020.

Our terminal quay is capable of handling 45 tonnes/sqm as ground-bearing pressure, which is sufficient to handle heavy cargoes.

Terminal Operator The Port of Duqm Company SAOG
Stevedore Working Hours First Shift – From 0600 hours to 1800 hours
Second Shift – From 1800 hours to 0600 hours
Stevedore Overtime Hours Friday – From 0001 hours to 2359 hours
Public holidays – from 0001 hours to 2359 hours
Port working Hours 24 hours / 7 days a week
Type and number of cranes (Gantries + Shore cranes) 2 Gottwald 125 tonne mobile harbour cranes (capable of lifting 250 tonnes in dual hoist)
Forklift 1 X 3 MT | 1 X 5 MT | 1 X 11 MT | 2 X 15 MT | 1 X 25 MT
Link belt Cranes 1 X 30 MT
Reach Stackers 3 X 45 MT
Wheel Loader 5 Numbers
Open yard area for general cargo / project cargo 20 hectares
Logistics Land (outside port area) Available for lease – long terms / short term

The first phase of the liquid bulk terminal was handed over to the Port of Duqm by the end of 2019. Immediately adding 70ha of reclaimed land and 7 new berths for the handling of liquid bulk products, the Port of Duqm is planning to become the new liquid bulk hub in the Middle East region. One of the first important tenants will be the Duqm Refinery, which is expected to greatly contribute to Duqm’s attraction for petroleum and petrochemical production and trade flows. The Port of Duqm has ample land available for meeting any inquiry from investors for the production or storage of liquid bulk products. An expansion phase, adding about 40ha more land, will be commissioned by the end of 2020. Additional berths will be added when needed.

Automotive cargo (RORO)


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