Welcome to the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) page of the Port of Duqm! At the Port of Duqm, we believe in the power of positive change and are committed to making a lasting difference in the lives of our employees, stakeholders, and the communities we serve.

We emphasize Corporate Social Responsibility at the core of our operations, which guides our actions to promote sustainability, environmental stewardship, social development, and ethical practices. We firmly believe that adopting a responsible approach to business is vital for our organization’s long-term success and the overall well-being of society.

Port of Duqm CSR priorities

A. Education:

PODC aims to leverage the economic upside of Duqm industrial development by increasing individual employment potential through a mix of internships, student development programs, career creation schemes, youth, and general training. We recognize that Oman is a young country with a willing and able workforce. However, the education on offer does not always align with the needs and wants of a growing and technologically advanced, international business like PODC. By focusing our efforts, especially on specific areas of youth education and training, PODC facilitates more jobs within our organization and for our clients.

B. Entrepreneurship:

PODC aims to develop SMEs with expertise, training, and qualified models to make them ready to compete in both local and international markets. We support local organizations to ensure a stronger local supply chain and, consequently, improve the quality of the services and products of Omani entrepreneurs. Research shows that SMEs are one of the main drivers of job creation. It is estimated that two-thirds of all formal jobs are generated by SMEs, and 50% of jobs today are in companies with less than 100 employees. With the knowledge and business expertise within PODC, our organization is well-placed to offer SME support programs that ensure entrepreneurial businesses thrive.

C. Health, Safety, Security, and Environment:

PODC envisions creating and maintaining a healthy, safe, secure, and environmentally sustainable environment for the industries, its employees, visitors, and the surrounding population and nature. CSR places HSSE at the forefront, with the development of many excellent health, safety, security, and environmental initiatives in recent years. The partnership with Port of Antwerp & DEME and the nature of our business make health, safety, and environmental policies top priorities for PODC.

D. Stakeholder Engagement:

PODC commits to being a corporate and responsible citizen, actively engaging with various stakeholders and aiming to foster strong relationships with different stakeholder groups to drive sustainable social impact. We consistently prioritize the development and well-being of people for sustainable enrichment.

CSR Programs

Duqm Leaders Program

Port of Duqm, the #Duqm-Leaders program, which is held within the scope of the company’s CSR program, was concluded today at the Port of Duqm in cooperation with the Directorate General of Education in Al Wusta Governorate and under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Badr bin Nasser Al Farsi, Wali of Duqm.
The program aimed to train students in the actual workplaces of the port; and to give students the opportunity to get acquainted with the jobs and tasks performed by port employees, to understand the requirements of the future labor market.

Volleyball Tournament at Duqm

The tournament is well received by the youth of Duqm with wider participation. Through such programs Port of Duqm create a friendly environment with the community, fostering dialogues with youth.

Doctor Community Program 2

In collaboration with the Directorate General of Education in Al Wusta and Babylon Medical Center, PODC conducted health and safety awareness sessions “Community Doctor2 ” in the port building as part of its sustainable development goals.

Firefighting Workshop

In collaboration with the Public Authority for Civil Defense & Ambulance and the Omani Women Association in Duqm, Port of Duqm Company has conducted a firefighting awareness session for Duqm housewives as part of PODC’s social responsibility plans.

Marine Safety Workshop

In collaboration with Duqm Wali Office and Directorate General of Agriculture, Fisheries & Water Resources in Al Wusta Governorate, Port of Duqm Company has carried out a marine safety workshop for Duqm fishermen as part of PODC’s social responsibility plans to develop and improve the local community.

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