The Port of Duqm

Strategic Port of the Future

Port of Duqm is the gateway to the largest Special Economic Zone in the entire middle east region (SEZD). Facing the Arabian Sea and located outside the Strait of Hormuz, the Port of Duqm is perfectly positioned to serve the main Eastern and Western trade corridors.

Its location makes it attractive to global shipping lines to serve the large and developing markets of the Indian subcontinent, East- and South Africa, as well as GCC countries. which can be directly accessed from Duqm.

Port of Duqm offers state-of-the-art port infrastructure, enabling efficient logistics and facilitating rapid movement of cargo within the country as well as internationally. An approach channel of -19m offers access to a linear quay of 2.2km in length with a -18m draft. This ‘commercial quay’ is equipped for handling all vessel types and hosts various cargo terminals for break bulk, dry bulk, over-dimensional cargo, and navy and container terminals. The liquid jetty of the Port of Duqm enables the export of bulk liquids and is integrated into the Duqm refinery for product exports.

The Duqm area serves Oman’s ambition for industrial diversification and a green energy future. In that regard enables the Port of Duqm industrial development and investments in its leasable land for logistic and industrial activities.

Port of Duqm is operated by the Port of Duqm Company (PODC), a joint venture between the Government of Oman (represented by ASYAD Group) and a Belgian Consortium between Port of Antwerp-Bruges International and DEME Concessions, called Consortium Antwerp Port (CAP).

Discover the Port of Duqm, an influential maritime hub fueling Oman’s economic progress. Uncover its advanced port infrastructure, dynamic maritime operations, and innovative technologies. Experience how the Port of Duqm is revolutionizing the maritime industry, propelling growth, and unlocking prospects for enterprises and individuals.

Currently, the Port of Duqm functions primarily as a port authority and landlord, with its terminal operations transitioning to private operators.

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