The Port of Duqm

Strategic Port of the Future

The Port of Duqm is part of the ambitious SEZAD project (Special Economic Zone Authority of Duqm) in the Sultanate of Oman. Established with the objective of diversifying the economy, the port is a Greenfield project and is fast emerging as a hub of economic activity due to its central location.

Overlooking the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean beyond, the Port of Duqm with its deep draft, lengthy quay walls, and expansive basin is a world-class, multipurpose commercial gateway and is poised to become one of the largest ports of the region in the near future. With its strategic geo-political position, the port is far removed from the Strait of Hormuz and the Arabian Gulf making it a secure location for businesses and industries to thrive. The Government of Oman has positioned Duqm as a safe, stable and business friendly haven for industrial and economic investment, reflecting the Sultanate's international reputation as an oasis of tranquility and a bearer of peace.

The Port of Duqm is being developed into an integrated, multimodal logistics hub, encompassing maritime links, a well-connected road network, and a fully operational airport and railway system making it a strategic strong hold. The port provides a welcoming ambiance, modern services and utilities and an unparalleled business setting for industries to operate and prosper. The Free-Trade Agreements (FTAs) with USA and Singapore add further appeal to the Sultanate of Oman being an investment destination for global investors.

Currently, The Port of Duqm functions as:

  • Port Authority
  • Terminal Operator
  • Landlord

Partners & Promoters:


The Special Economic Zone Authority at Duqm (SEZAD) manages, regulates, and develops all economic activities in Duqm.It plans, designs, and implements long-term strategies for infrastructural development and attracts investments to promote a wide spectrum of economic activities. It also oversees the urban expansion of the modern Duqm city while protecting the environment, thereby ensuring Duqm its rightful place as the best location to visit, live, work, and invest in at the Middle East.


ASYAD is Oman's new integrated logistics provider. It is the centerpiece of Oman's ambition to reclaim its 2,000-year-old regional trade leadership and establish the country as one of the world's top ten logistics hubs by 2040. Established in 2016 to maximize the financial returns and economic impact of government logistics investments, the ASYAD Group brings together 16 logistics companies and joint ventures under one entity, improving performance, creating efficiencies and offering economies of scale. The Group is comprised of three deep ports and three free zones supported by Oman's five airports, a new rail network and a world class road network.

Port of Antwerp-Bruges

With an overall throughput of 289 million tonnes per year, Port of Antwerp-Bruges is a critical hub in worldwide trade and industry. The port is a crucial link for the handling of containers, breakbulk and for the throughput of vehicles. Port of Antwerp-Bruges is home to 1,400 companies and accommodates the largest integrated chemical cluster in Europe. The port provides, directly and indirectly, a total of around 164,000 jobs and generates an added value of 21 billion euros.

Subsidiary Port of Antwerp-Bruges International is active in consultancy and port development projects worldwide, participating in Port of Duqm as shareholder through Consortium Antwerp Port, a joint partnership with DEME.


DEME is a world leader in the highly specialised fields of dredging and land reclamation, solutions for the offshore energy market, environmental and infra marine works. With more than 140 years of experience and 5,200 highly skilled professionals, DEME has built up a vast bank of knowledge and expertise which has allowed the company to foster a pioneering approach throughout its history. This enables DEME to bring tailor-made solutions, innovation and new technologies to customers' projects, ensuring that they are performed safely, efficiently and cost-effectively. DEME has built a strong presence across the globe with a versatile and modern fleet of more than 100 vessels, supported by a broad range of auxiliary equipment.

The Port of Duqm Advantage

The Port of Duqm is perfectly positioned to serve both the Eastern and Western corridors, thanks to its central geographic location. It is situated away from the Strait of Hormuz, in the middle of the Indian Ocean; opens directly into international waters and lies in the immediate vicinity of the international trade route between Asia and Europe. The location makes it a very attractive port for shipping lines and also the large and developing Indian and African markets, which can be catered to easily. Duqm's central location within the Sultanate of Oman makes it an ideal point of entry for all cargoes destined for the major inland projects and oil and gas concession areas.

Additionally, Oman being an integral part of the GCC alliance enables The Port of Duqm to readily serve the GCC countries, in close proximity to the Port.

The Port of Duqm is the only port in the Sultanate, which is fully integrated within the Special Economic Zone (SEZ) enabling investors to reap the benefits of the operational and financial incentives offered by the Government of Oman.

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